Cute Short Person Tee

cute tees for short people trending

Sometimes the funniest shirts are the ones that just call life out. The designer did a great job on this one. I love the saying of this one! LOL
Life is Short and so Am I

Let's Talk About Lipstick

lipstick themed tshirt
Let's talk about lipstick is my newest T-shirt Design.

Inspired by a good friend.....Forget talking about politics or religion, let's talk about Lipstick instead! This cute lipstick tee will make all your friends jealous.

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Wine Lovers Tshirt : More Wine in the Meantime

trending wine lovers tshirt

Here's clever shirt I designed for Wine lovers. I like a Cab Blend and sometimes a Pinot. What is your favorite, Red or White?

More Wine in the Meantime T-Shirt

Cutest Bear Shirt

trending bear shirt
Check out this cute bear shirt available on Amazon. It's unique and clever.

We were recently in Idaho riding bikes in the forest. I was so freaked out that I made my man buy bear spray and carry it in his backpack. I'm happy to say after our 3 hour ride, we didn't see any bears.

It's available in several colors with free shipping and returns on Amazon.
Cutest Bear Polygon Shirt

Cutest Giraffe Shirt Ever

cutest giraffe tee

This is the cutest giraffe shirt ever. Have you ever fed a giraffe? When we were in Phoenix, Arizona at the zoo, we were able to feed the giraffes. It was an incredible experience

Cutest Giraffe T Shirt Ever 

Cute Sushi Lovers Tshirt

Tshirts for sushi lovers on amazon
I love Japanese food. When I was in elementary school we had a foreign exchange teacher stay in our home one summer. She made us yakitori and we called her SenoSan. Those are great memories.

She never made sushi but I do enjoys sushi on occasion. We just found a new place in Newport called Sushi was so good!

Check out this Trending Sushi Tshirt on Amazon. Adorable Right?!?
Cute Sushi Lovers Tshirt 

Short People Tshirt

fun size tshirt
The perfect shirt for a fun size friend. Grab one for your significant other or for your kids. I'm Not Short I'm Fun Size T-shirt

Yarn Bombing Tshirt

Do you know any Yarn bombers? I designed this just for you!

If you are wondering what a yarn bomber is, well, they use yarn to pretty up statues and trees. They wrap tree trunks with yarn or hang,  hand knit or crochet balls from trees.

I've even seen a crochet bikini added to a statue.
Grab my Yarn Bomber Trending T-shirt.

Shark Attack Tshirt

best shark tshirt

It's been a summer of sharks here in Souther California. We've had so many sightings and even one attack; I can't keep track.

I'm staying out of the ocean this summer. Are you?

If you have time, take a look at this design up close on Amazon.  The artist used watercolors and it's stunning. It's impossible to see in this tiny photo.
 Shark T Shirt

Red White and Blue Popcicle Tshirt

red white and blue popcicle
Doesn't this just scream summer. There is nothing cuter (okay maybe a sleeping baby) than a little toddler with a drippy popsicle.
 Red White and Blue Firecracker Popsicle T-Shirt

Today I Ate a Cupcake Without Sprinkles, Diets are Hard T-Shirt

today i ate a cupcake shirt

Who doesn't love cupcakes !?! This is a cute Tee and it comes in lots of colors.
The design and the saying is perfect.
Today I Ate A Cupcake Without Sprinkles, Diets are Hard T Shirt

Cutest Watermelon Tshirt

cute watermelon tee

What are you up to this warm summer day? We are eating wtermelon and heading to the beach for dinner and a walk at Balboa Island in Newport. Check out this cute Watermelon Slice T-Shirt

Trending Hashtag Tees : The Happy Now

trending instagram hastags
I've got another new shirt up. Have you seen this instagram hashtag-The Happy Now? I love the emphasis on being in the moment and finding life's happy spots. #thehappynow : The Happy Now Tshirt 

Grilled Cheese Sandwich T-shirt

grilled cheese tshirt
I am a huge fan of grilled cheese. Plain grilled cheese. Add some tomato. Or dip it in tomato soup  or serve it up for breakfast. Just make sure the bread is grilled and the cheese is all melty.
Grilled Cheese T-shirt

Dog Tee with Flag

dog outline tshirt
Here's one for all you dog lovers out there. Celebrate your dog and the United states with the Flag dog outline tee. Patriotic Dog Tee

Best Bacon T-shirt

Body by Bacon
Who doesn't love Bacon?! I buy that thick cut kind from Trader Joes. Then I cook it real slow in the oven. It's incredible! Want an even more crazy treat? Sprink some brown sugar on top at the end.  Body By Bacon
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