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Location: California, USA Boise, ID, USA

Street Art : Freak Alley Boise

bosie freak alley
If you love street art, you won't want to miss freak alley in Boise! It's downtown off of 8th street and filled with incredible artwork! Ever changing and inspiring. The entire alley is covered in unique artwork. 

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Sorting Laundry

E.B. White taped to my dorm room wall: “We should all do what, in the long run, gives us joy, even if it is only picking grapes or sorting the laundry.” 

New Project : Linen Beach Towels

I haven't been in this space because I'm working on a new project :)

I've designed a line of Linen Beach Towels. And so I'm working on all the pieces that go into that, a website, instagram and marketing.

It's funny how things come together sometimes. I first made these towels for myself and then when my friends saw them, they all wanted them too.

They have something special...a fold up top that slips over the back of your beach chair.

Say goodbye to towel slouch.

Linen Beach Towels

Making Life Better

In his most recent post, Eric @ Barking up The Wrong Tree discusses how to make our lives better. He says we can celebrate small successes and in so doing, we get the most value because we remember these small celebrations. 

So let's look at using that same concept for marketing a product. When we celebrate small successes at work, our employees are happier. 

Happier employees mean they will stay with our company longer and they most likely will share more uplifting things about our company with their sphere of influence online. So happier employees means marketing wins. 

Agree or Disagree?

This the first post in a series called The Marketing Project. I will be writing posts about new trends in marketing or just stuff I like about marketing. I live marketing and I need to talk about it. Marketing trends are constantly changing. I'm fascinated with learning new things and the internet makes it possible to find new marketing discoveries every day. So after completing my 333 days of Hand Lettering, I'm now onto my Chapter 2-The Marketing Project. I hope you'll follow along with me. 

It took a long time

Some things just take time. I don't believe everything happens for a reason. Some things are just things and that's okay.

update: Just saw this short story about an adult daughter connecting with her mom who has alzheimer's. Such sweetness. 
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