Photos (420)

jana miller
The inspiration for this design came from a vintage camp chair that we found at my husband's grandma's home. We have been helping clean out her home as her health has been declining.

The vintage camera is from our collection.  
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Butter Coffee (419)

jana miller drawing
Have you tried butter coffee? Just put a little pat of butter inside and let it melt. I use a high quality grass-fed butter like kerrygold.

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Flower Menu Free Printable (418)

jana miller art

Heres a free printable for your Monday morning. I like to plan out meals and this makes it more fun! Hope you like this super simple menu planner :)

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oh darling (417)

jana miller
jana miller sketchbook
Here's the original from my sketchbook and the cleaned up version.
Oh darling! Doesn't it sound old fashioned and romantic :)

Here's another application of the same design mixed with a photograph.

jana miller hand lettering

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Bob Goff Quote (416)

jana miller hand lettering
"The most beautiful scenery in the world is when our friends come into view." Bob Goff

Celebrating friendship today. Feeling very lucky to have the best of friends!

If you haven't read Bob's book, you should grab it. It's a fast read and inspiring!

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Crazy Shirts

jana miller art
I'm submitting some of my designs to Crazy Shirts. Crossing my fingers :)
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Can I borrow (415)

#handlettering #janamiller
Can I borrow a kiss, I promise to give it back.
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If we have no peace (414)

jana miller blog
Mother Teresa quotes are my favorite!

"If we have no peace it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other."

One thing we say often at our house is, "I'm on your team." How easy it is to forget that and become adversarial. 
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Loved, Known, Welcome, Enough (413)

hand lettering by jana miller
These words-I think they are what each of us want.

We want to be loved, and known by someone and we want to feel welcome.

And mostly we want to be enough.

*words from here.
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working on some new color pallets

Any weekend plans?

I'm playing with watercolors and working on some more color pallets.

I love watercolors because there just seems to be no way to mess them up.
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Was it a dream? (412)

jana miller art

Do you ever wake up and wonder? Was it a dream or did that really happen? Some dreams can seem so life like. And sometimes you have a day that's just perfect. 
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let's cross over (411)

eat pray love
It's about companionship.

When we walk at Balboa Island and we don't want to walk too near other people, then we cross over to the other side of the street.

It's about change and changing together and likemindedness.

*words from Eat Pray Love
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the beauty of doing nothing (410)

bel far niente
"bel far niente" -Italian for, the beauty of doing nothing. I struggle with this. I'm a do-er, an achiever, a planner.

Life isn't all tidy and organized and planned out right now. I'm trying to go with it.

*words found via Eat Pray Love
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Eat Pray Love by Liz Gilbert (409)

drawing by jana miller
 I'm reading this book. It's excellent! I love how she describes things so I'm planning on some Italian quotes for the next day or so.

If you are wondering why I chose blue-I'm not sure why. But I think it's because she described God as Blue.

What are you reading? 
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Lost Everything (408)

jana miller
Agree or disagree? I'm still deciding. I don't think we have to lose everything to do something.

But when we have nothing to lose-we might be more courageous-or just worn out!
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Laguna Beach, CA (407)

Drawing by Jana miller
Laguna Beach is one of my favorite places in California. The beaches are amazing with rock cliffs and white sand and lots of little coves.

My favorites are El Morro and Crescent Bay but you can't go wrong at any beach in the area. Watch for the dolphins-we see them almost every time we go!
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Crape Myrtle (406)

jana miller drawings
We were up in LA last week. The Crape Myrtle were blooming everywhere! Their vibrant colors always make me smile :)
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celebrate (405)

celebrate by jana miller
It's saturday-I'm sure you can find something to celebrate today!

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I'll love you for a thousand more (404)

jana miller #handlettering
This was the first dance at the wedding. Love!

Haha....just found out that I spelled it wrong. Do you see it?

Looks like I'll need to fix this one :)
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Thursday is the new Friday (403)

Are you in? We often try to go out on Thursday because it seems to extend the weekend! Thursday is the new friday :)
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Being Alive (402)

My work is being featured today over on Lemon Thistle. You can a get a free 8x10 printable of this design (choose one of 3 color-ways) on Colleens Blog today!

Colleen is the sweet mother of twins and you will just adore her blog! Thanks for featuring my work:)
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fuzzy (401)

There's been lots of changes happening. I'm going with it and choosing not to have it all figured out.
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Peace and Quiet (400)

Do you have those moments...where you didn't realize how loud it was until the noise was gone. Enjoying the peace and quiet today!
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Weird (398)


the thing that makes you weird as a kid, makes you great as an adult
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Mama love (397)

Having kids is  such a gift. Thankful for my two sons and my sweet new daughter too!
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Hatchet by Gary Paulsen (396)

It's summer and that means lots of reading for me. I just finished Hatchet by Gary Paulsen. Did you read it in fifth grade? Somehow you know he will get rescued but you just get carried along in the story anyway!

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Portofino by Frank Schaeffer (395)

Jana Miller drawing
Have you read it? Such a great book. I can't believe it hasn't been made into a movie!

Portofino: A Novel  
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Really (394)

jana miller
"Really". As in I really like you. Or I'm really sorry.
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The Inconvenient (393)

jana miller art
Sometimes you choose the inconvenient and it becomes a lifelong memory. 
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