crazy for carrots | 473

#illustration #janamiller
Crazy for carrots. I think this would be perfect on a child's shirt :)

Big O | 472

I love a good pizza with real cheese and quality ingredients.
 Big O Pizza  is the real deal :) Sausage and Pepperoni every time:)

Do you have a favorite neighborhood go to pizza place? 

ex plore | 471


There's lots to see out there :)

remarkable | 470

#handlettering #illustration
Remarkable-such a lovely word!

CS Lewis Quote in Progress

"Courage Dear Heart" CS Lewis

peas | 469

#handlettering #illustration
Do you like peas? These squishy little veggies with skin on them.

 I just don't like them. 

storing drawings and digital files

I keep all my drawings in a big box in no particular order. In my personal life I am extremely organized. So it's kind of funny that I just toss them in the box. My drawings are all loose on little pieces of paper-some even torn pieces of paper. The box is getting really full and I'm trying to decide if I should figure out a filing system. What do you think?

As for digital files, I found an easy way to store them. I use Google drive and have a different file for each type of file. Google can store Adobe Illustrator files and they alphabetize automatically. (happy dance) So one file for ai, one for pdf scans and one for final designs. So far it's working for me. I use Illustrator CS5-I'm a hold out for joining the cloud.

And by storing them on Google Drive, I never have to worry about losing files  if  when my computer crashes.

How do you organize your work?

hand some | 468

#handlettering #illustration
Some designs are very simple. I like that :)

bent | 467

#handletteringI am really pleased with this final draft of the Bent logo :) The colors remind me of Robin from Batman and Robin.

Happy Day to you!

pure gold |466

"Where we stumble and fall is where we find pure gold."

I just wish the stumbling part wasn't so hard.


Logo Design | 465

Working on this hand lettered logo design today. I like the mirrored A's :)

What are you up to today?

Out of my Mind

Out of my Mind by Sharon Draper. This book will make you think about your own life, make you more compassionate, make you laugh and cry. I read it recently and I think you will like it.

Great cover... right?!

0 comments Location: California, USA Orange County, CA, USA

pink and gold cake | 464

Cake by Jana Miller
Here's a little funky remake of the half birthday design I posted over on Dribble :)

scars | 463

#handlettering by Jana Miller
Scars are tough. They can remind us of bad decisions on our part or someone elses.

But they also can remind us of our strength to get through rough stuff.
And come out better and stronger.

Today we remember the hero's and the lost of 9/11. And those who carry scars that can't be seen.

What we have gone through is real but it doesn't have to define our future. 

you should never | 462

#handlettering by Jana Miller
This is a quote from a blog I read called The Private Life of A Girl. You might like it too :)  She has awesome book finds and I like her style!

Editing My Drawings

One of the things I love about hand-drawn illustrations is that they are not perfect.

But, I struggle each time I edit a drawing.

How much do I edit while still maintaining the uniqueness of the design?

I want some rough edges, some imperfections but not so many that it distracts the audience.

So sometimes I just have to jump.
Post designs I'm not sure I'm done with.
Go back and look at them later.
Reserve the judgement for another time.
Post and cross my fingers that I will still like it tomorrow.

And if I don't like it, I can just revert it to a draft.
That's what I love about blogging my drawings :)

I'd Like My Crayons | 461

#handlettering by Jana Miller
At some point in school, they take our crayons away.*

That made me sad thinking about that. I have always loved art and then learning facts took priority.

*Ignore Everybody

hello sunshine | 460

Jana Miller #hand ettering
 Hello Sunshine- I'm enjoying the sun before fall arrives. I'm a sunny girl for sure. I spent my summer at the beach and the pool and drinking coffee in the early morning sun.

Did you have a good summer?

time to clean up | 459

Hand Lettering by Jana Miller
Sometimes life can be a little crappy. And then you just gotta clean up. Move on, not stay and dwell on it. It will be better after it's cleaned up and set out for the garbage man. Don't leave it around to stink up your life.

Head vs Heart | 458

#HandLettering by Jana Miller
Ignore Everybody talks about this this problem. He says to keep your day job (money) and do your art (what you love) and not combine the two.

He says very rarely do the two marry up and stay together. And if you make the switch and then lose your job-you've lost everything.

I'm still thinking this one over. Any thoughts?


jana miller #dribble
I have a little something to share.

Actually it's a big something.

I'm honored and humbled to be invited to dribble by this guy.

I've wanted to get involved in this online community forever. And you can't join in without an invite. (Jumping up and down!!)

Thanks Paul!

Jana Miller on Dribble

Ignore Everybody

jana miller blog illustrator
I just read this book. It was published in 2009 which honestly feels like forever ago in blog years.

And it is still so relevant! I loved everything he had to say.And I'm planning on drawing a few of his quotes coming up this week :)

PS-I loved the hardcover book under the book jacket. It's white with grey type on the spine-just lovely!

I couldn't find this one at the library but I picked up a nice used copy on Amazon for $4 :)

Tweet Tweet | 457

Jana Miller #hand ettered artwork
When birds were just birds and barely anyone knew what a tweet on twitter was.

I remember first hearing about twitter and thinking how strange and narcissistic it was.

I'm not into twitter just because it just isn't my thing.

 This design is definitely not one of my favorites but I decided to share it anyway. They don't all turn out great or even good.

I do love that there are plenty of platforms on the internet so we can all choose our favorites. And that we all get to have our own opinion. (maybe someone will like this bird)

So you have a favorite social media site/platform?

Made You Look

Made You Look documentary trailer from Look and Yes on Vimeo via It's Nice That

Doesn't this look like a fun documentary!?!

love much | 456

Jana Miller Hand lettering artwork
It all comes back to this. Love much. Yourself and other people.

share | 455

#HandLettering by Jana Miller
I didn't have a sister and I don't like sharing my clothes but I have learned a bit about sharing these past few years. Just a different kind of sharing.

I know that we have to tell our few close friends what is going on in our lives-before they ask. That we need to share the good stuff and the tough stuff. There's always a bit of both. Right?!

And we need that volley in our conversations for the intimacy to be there. The listening and the sharing.

Are you good at sharing?
Do you over-share or under-share?

Alta PR

I found a small public relations company through a friend named Alta PR. They handle press inquiries and social media.

And I'm giving them a try. They had an opening and they just take a few clients so I'm happy about that :) Hope you are having a good day.

Avocado Man | 454

#HandLettering by Jana Miller
I love avocados! Plain with salt or guacamole. I grew up across the street from an avocado grove.

Do you like avocados?

A blog is an animal | 453

Blogging is evolving and changing. I'm sure you've heard this before.

If you got in early, you are probably ready to move on. I started a personal blog back in 2008. It changed me, was messy, unorganized, ugly at times but fun.

It was the place where I learned that I didn't have to be perfect.

I have since made it private realizing that I no longer want to share all the details of my personal life with the world.

In 2013, I started this online sketchbook. This is where I am having fun now!

It's new and different and challenging. It's a great place to share what I'm thinking about. Share what I'm learning. Mess up. And put my work out there.

If you are feeling like you just can't fill the belly of your beast blog. If you are apologizing  for going on vacation and not writing any posts. Apologizing for spending time with your family.  Maybe it's time for a change. 

Just Pack One || 452

We do this! We pack backpacks with easy to eat food, some toiletries and directions to the food bank. We keep one in the car and then hand it out when we see someone in need.

Just Pack One-helping homeless people with immediate needs (food) and helping them find the social services they need long at a time.

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