i found my person t shirt

i found my person
Are you watching Bachelor in Paradise. Warning Spoiler Alert.........................................................

It was a such a great episode on Tuesday. Evan and Carly are pregnant. And Daniell and Wells appear to be dating. ( i hope so at least). I love this saying...I found my person. So I designed a shirt for all you BIP fans.

I found my person shirt
Premium Tee by Ava and Jack

funny I woke up like this t-shirt

i woke up like this tshirt
Talking back to all those people who wear the "I woke up like this tshirts" LOL

You Didn't Wake Up Like That T-shirt
By TumbleTee for Amazon

I was mooned

i was mooned
LOL....sorry, this was too funny not to share.

I was mooned

Best Thanksgiving T Shirt

shirt for thanksgiving
Eat pie, eat lots of pie. Let your grandma know that you'd like some pie, pumpkin, pecan, apple. I love this shirt-its straight to the point.

Trending Pie Shirt
by Rellim Day Tees for Amazon

Cute Kissing T Shirt

cutest kissing lips t shirt
Get your Lipstick and get kissing! Forget Political T shirts ,  let's put on our kissing shirts. A perfect gift for your best friend or girlfriend. Or buy one for yourself.
More Kissing T-shirtby Rellim Day Tees

Cutest Smores Tee

cute marshmellow tshirt
Who doesn't love smores...ooey...melty goodness! I like to toast them up and then use peanut butter cups in place of chocolate. It makes them super decadent!

Super Cute Smores Shirt
by RHSCT Shirts for Amazon

ps-my son's first word was graham cracker. lol

Best Kindness Tshirt

best protest shirt
Well put....be a nice human! Let's spread that kind of kindness around.

Be a Nice Human
Design by GetThread

Cutest Siesta Fiesta T shirt

siesta fiesta tee
Are you watching Bachelor in Paradise? It's a Siesta Fiesta!  Naps all day....

Siesta Fiesta T shirt

Clever Eclipse T-shirt

clever eclipse tshirt
The Eclipse will be here soon. Moon Pies is such a cute take on the event!

Moon Pies
by Beautiful Eclipse in the Sky for Amazon

Cutest Pig Gift Ever

I'm deviating from tshirts this morning to bring you a cute gift alert. This pig shoots balls out of it's nose. Enough said....adults and kids love this thing!

Maybe we can get them to make this into a shirt!

Pig Popper

Cute California Bear Tshirt

bear surfing t-shirt
Look closely, it's the California Bear , from the California Flag.....surfing. What could be cuter! This one comes in 5 colors and mens and womens sizes.

Cutest California Bear Shirt
By Cosmic Frog Tees for Amazon

Cute California T-shirt

ca tshirt
I'm a California Girl through and through. I love the beach, the ocean, the saltwater, the smell in the air, the mountains...I love it all. And I'm loving this Trending California Tshirt!

Cutest California T shirt on Amazon
Designed by The Sunrise Collection for Amazon

Cutest Hedgehog T-shirt

popular hedgehog tshirt
I love the composition combination of the flowers and the hedgehog. Hedgehogs are becoming much more popular. I follow an instagram account that is all hedgehogs :)

The Cutest Art History T-shirt

The history of art on a T-shirt is super fun! The art history majors in your life will love it and so will you. On trend and so popular :)

The History of Art
Design by Art t-shirts

Half Birthday T-shirt Gift

half birthday tshirt
Do you celebrate half birthdays? We do. but we put our own spin on it. We like to gift practical gifts on half birthdays and fun gifts on birthdays. At only $12.99 and free shipping, you can grab several for your friends :)

Half Birthday Gift Tee
Design by Rellim Day Tees

Cool Bear Playing the Drums Tee

cutest bear drummer tshirt
I have a thing for animals in dark glasses. Here's a trending tee that is just so cool. This bear is quite the drummer, don't you think?

Cute Bear Drummer Tshirt
Design by Animal World
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