Truth lettering by jana miller
Sometimes truth wins and sometimes it doesn't. 
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Blessing in Disguise

lettering by jana miller
I hope this doesn't sound to cynical. But really, we say so many things that are cliche without thinking about what we are saying.

I'm guilty of this for sure.

This is one very over-used comment. "This could be a blessing in disguise."

Ummm, no.

Tough things are just tough. And yes, sometimes along with the tough stuff, there's good stuff. Otherwise we would just all give up when something hard comes along.

But don't minimize the tough stuff. 
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The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt

the goldfinch book cover by jana miller
I just finished reading The Goldfinch and I just had to do a hand lettered book cover.

This is a fascinating book, taking you to the edge of dark and then bringing you back again.

Have you read it? Did you like the ending?

The Goldfinch on Amazon
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25 Years

It's 25 years for my man and I.
And we are celebrating it all,
the good,
the difficult,
the silliness,
the kids,
the years to come.
All of it.
Thankful hearts today. 
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Sometimes it's better

jana miller hand lettering
 I'm a fixer. I like to make things better. I'm working on being there without fixing. That's difficult. 
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99 Designs

jana miller logo design
I've submitted a couple of designs to 99designs. These two were rejected. I personally love the green one. It reminds me of torn paper :)

If you would like this one, I can personalize it for you. Contact me via email for pricing.

jana miller hand letterung
Uber Guide-another reject. But I love it too. Especially the color and design :)
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I like Circles...

Do you have a preference? I love circles more than squares and my favorite number is 3.

It's funny how we get stuck on certain little things.

When I was young I liked anything that was miniature and I collected those small glass blown animals. I also had a shell collection and a Raggedy Ann room.

What do you remember from your childhood collections?
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Most of the Time

hand lettering by jana
I hate the saying, God only gives us what we can handle.

I don't think it's true at all. And I think it's hurtful to say to someone who is hurting.

When times are tough we don't need quickly spoken cliche's, we need tears and good friends to listen and no fixing (working on this last one myself).

I think he often gives us way more than we can handle....alone.
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Life Just Got Sweeter

Our son is getting married in a couple months and we are getting the sweetest daughter-in-law :)

This hand lettered design was inspired by one of my favorite candies when I was a kid-pixie sticks!
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Never Stop Drawing

hand lettering
When life get's crazy it's easy for me to think I don't have time to draw.

When really....I don't have time, not to draw.

I have a whole pile of drawings that I'm scanning in today. And today looks like it's going to be a good day :)
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hand lettering by jana miller
The best way to spend a Saturday afternoon is with family or maybe taking a lazy afternoon nap!
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Fonts on Wednesday: Best Fonts to use with Illustrated projects!

fonts by jana miller
Love the look of these three fonts with hand lettering and illustrated projects! All are from DaFont.
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Jana Miller #handlettering
Good is waking up to birds singing outside your window...being thankful for a home, family, good friends, love, a job I adore. Good is good enough. (Even when I miss coloring in a spot on a leaf.)
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Paso Robles

paso robles hiking
We took a little road trip the last couple days. Our trip included hiking along ocean cliffs, wine tasting, elephant seals and eating delicious food. You can read all the details  on my personal blog.

Paso Robles is in Northern California at the south end of wine country. It's about half way between Los Angeles and San Francisco. They are known for their reds.
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Wednesday 3: Except there are four

free hand lettering fonts
A little bit of everything for today. And four instead of three.

If you want the look of hand lettering but you don't want to do it yourself, you might consider a font similar to Moon Flower. All these fonts can be found on Dafont. 
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There is a crack in everything

There is a crack in everything, that's how the light gets in. It' not in being perfect that we see God, it's in our imperfection.

One of my favorite quotes :)
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The Best Paper for Hand Lettering

what kind of paper should i use for hand lettering
I love this paper! You can find it at Walmart in the kid's art supplies section.

It's perfect with my favorite pens. It's thick enough  not not bleed through and smooth enough for tiny details.

It works well with pencil and erases easily. It's everything I need for hand lettering projects!

And there's even a little pocket inside to store completed designs until I can scan them and store them away :)
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Balboa Island || Free Download

free download
I created this simple design to fit an IKEA frame that measures 19"x 27". The actual print is document size is 24" x 36". Download  a high resolution file free here.

You can get it printed for under $4 from Staples as an Engineer print.

 Upload it, order it and then trim for your frame.

We are huge fans of Balboa Island.
free download balboa island

balboa island free print
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New Series: Wednesday 3

It's always a like a treasure hunt for me when I'm working on a project and searching for the perfect font.

So occasionally on Wednesday's  I'll be sharing some of my favorite finds with you. Here's the first one!

You can find all these fonts for free on dafont.
 Do you have a favorite?
Please leave me a comment
so I can go check it out :)
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It's all about our hearts...

I must admit, I have no idea who R.A. is. I found this quote on Pinterest cut it down from the original and hand lettered it. I tired to trace it back but ended up in an endless cycle on tumblr.

Happy Wednesday!
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hand lettering by artist jana miller
A design for some favorite two people I love a bunch! It's similar to this one.
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333- I made it!

jana miller
I started this project last March and today marks my 333'rd design. I love drawing and this project has helped me refine my style.

And I'm going to keep going. I hope you will follow along!
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jana miller
"I'd choose you every time." Steve Carell from Date Night
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Hand Lettering by jana Miller
Every time we decide to be grateful, it will be easier to see new things to be grateful for. ~Henri Nouwen
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drawing by jana miller

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drawing by jana miller

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drawing by jana miller

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drawing by jana miller

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jana miller drawing
I like any excuse to eat chocolate but since Valentine day is close by, I just want to add this drawing as a little reminder. Eat lots of chocolate.

Do you think chocolate is really and antioxidant  or is that just an urban myth?
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taco today logo

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jana miller

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My work is being featuring  on PubSlush today!
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scavenger hunt love
See the first draft here.
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the clutter cure quote
I want my home to have that vacation home feeling so I will find a place for everything and keep only what I love and use. From the Clutter Cure.
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I had the honor of helping out with a proposal a few months ago. Here'e one of the first drafts
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jana miller downton abbey
So excited for the new season of Downton Abbey.

Are you a fan too???
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jana miller
It's that time of out, letting go. I

Here's a quote from one of my favorite books. Have a saying about what you want-post it and read it often.

I will get rid of everything that is keeping me stuck in the past and replace it with what is important to me now. -Judi Culbertson

The Clutter Cure: Three Steps to Letting Go of Stuff, Organizing Your Space, & Creating the Home of Your Dreams
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