New Project : Linen Beach Towels

I haven't been in this space because I'm working on a new project :)

I've designed a line of Linen Beach Towels. And so I'm working on all the pieces that go into that, a website, instagram and marketing.

It's funny how things come together sometimes. I first made these towels for myself and then when my friends saw them, they all wanted them too.

They have something special...a fold up top that slips over the back of your beach chair.

Say goodbye to towel slouch.

Linen Beach Towels

It took a long time

Some things just take time. I don't believe everything happens for a reason. Some things are just things and that's okay.

update: Just saw this short story about an adult daughter connecting with her mom who has alzheimer's. Such sweetness. 


hand lettered design

Sometimes you just need to get away. 

Tent Logo

Paint Cafe


Throwback Thursday

editing digital designs
First design on the blog from March of 2013. I never imagined I would stay with it this long and learn so much about lettering and digital editing and design.

I had no idea what I was doing when I started out and sometimes I feel just as new.

So glad I took the risk to put my work out there.


Hello there internet friend.... sometimes life is just tricky, difficult, not what you expected. I've been there too. Just a little reminder, everything can change and people can change too. And life can feel better again. I promise.


hand drawn home
Dorothy was right. I've been traveling a lot lately and it's always so great to come home.


hand lettered logos
  Nothing more to say. Cupcakes are always a good idea :)
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