Hand Lettered Graduation Announcement

Small Peek- Working on this hand lettered graduation announcement for a friend. Graduating from college is huge and I was so honored to have her ask me to design her graduation announcement. She chose personal favorite colors instead of going with school colors. I love it and more importantly-so does she :)

PS- Those are trim marks up in the corner. They are for the printer so that they can cut the cards to size after printing. 

Rap Quotes

hand lettered song lyrics
Just a small peek-I'm working on a project for a client who is taking rap lyrics and making custom t-shirts. This has been a really fun series of designs and I've loved working with this client. They found me online :)

If you drink | 607

I got a chuckle out of this one!

I do enjoy a good glass of white wine or a cold beer on a hot day.
What's your favorite?
Have you divulged any secrets?

There will always be | 606

chalkboard quote
"There will always be someone bigger than than you, better than you and more skilled than you, so don't let that stop you from doing what you do. "
-Florence Blanchard

Just another description of comparison. Do your thing and look the other way. Do it if you love it and only because of that. 

Rich Black Vs 100% Black

As I move along in the process of preparing Illustrator Designs for print, I wanted to share with you what I'm learning. This mini lesson is all about your choices for black color.

100% Black is just that, one ink. It's not as warm as Rich Black which is made by mixing a combination of all 4 ink color , CYMK. (Cyan, Yellow, Magenta, and Key (black))

Before sending off your designs, make sure your logo uses Rich Black if you want a warm feel with detail sections of your design are 100% Black.  (See an example of a Rich Black Setting in the screenshot)

Rich Black uses more ink and could saturate or bleed out giving you a less crisp look on your details and type. Consider what type of paper you are using and always do a test run.

Ps-To view these setting (and adjust them) double click on the square box of color in your pallette.

Here's a good video about getting your artwork printer ready. Just make sure you choose 300 ppi when you are setting up your document. They left that little nugget out :)

#ThisIsAustin | 605

We had a great time in Austin! Here's a little bit of what we did. We can't wait to go back; the food scene is amazing.

The BBQ and Doughnuts-I'm ruined forever. Imagine a freshly made donut made to order with maple frosting, fried chicken and honey butter.

A little shout out to the barista at Once Over Coffee. He recommended Odd Duck and we had the most incredible meal :)

We loved driving around in our Audi A4 too. Who knew you could rent one?

purple flowers | 604

Happy Tuesday. Here's some flowers to make your day beautiful :)

Hang On | 603



undone | 602

I was having coffee with a good friend the other morning.

She has so much change going on.
 It's all good but unsettling, unfamiliar, unsteady.

She said she feels undone.

To you my friend, beauty in the changes.

Show me what's in your fridge | 601

whats in your fridge meme
Have you heard of periscope? It's a new app that lets you stream your life.

Weird, strange, and going nuts on the internet. It's only been around since March.

My brother watched a Maroon Five concert live streaming. How cool is that?!

your life | 600

I'm a big fan of Donald Miller but I probably didn't need to tell you that again. His new book is fantastic. Go read it.

Scary Close: Dropping the Act and Finding True Intimacy

light up | 599

light up illustration with hand lettering
Sometimes in our lives-we just need a little light, a little hope to make things good.

If you are feeling down, maybe you just need to buy a new light bulb, light a candle, visit with a friend.

Here's to adding some light to your life...even if it's just a wee bit.

Life is Beautiful | 598

life is beuatiful
I added a little canvas background to this one.

You can do this in the
effect >texture >texturized panel
and also play around with making an overlay using a transparency. I won't make a tutorial here because there are probably thousands on the internet.

Life is beautiful-I hope you are enjoying yours today.

Let the dead | 597

let the dead leaves drop
 I tend to hold onto things way too long. I'm working on that...reaching for the good and leaving behind the rest.

Today I'm grateful for the little things like the sunshine, a clean kitchen and fresh sheets :)

If Not ... | 596

If not this then something better
Hello April!

I was having coffee with a friend today. She shared this saying with me, "if not this then something better." I like that!

She always has something encouraging to say. I'm lucky to have had her as a good friend for so long!

Time spent with a good friend is such a treat:)
3 comments Location: California, USA Orange County, CA, USA

What to Do in Orange County, CA | 595

Looking for some fun in Orange County? Here are some of our favorite things to do!

It's all about being outside and enjoying the sun.

I can relate to this post about being an introvert.

few finishers | 594

#handlettering #janamiller
Have you seen Mary Jo's blog?

It's called Still-she shares one image daily of natural found objects. And her work is gorgeous!!

And a few thoughts too. If you love the extraordinary, you will love Still.

Start Something New | 593

#handlettering #janamiller
Today's the day! Start something new. Try a restaurant you've never tried. Take a different route home from work.

Discover a different flavor of ice cream. This stuff is addicting!

Italian Tiles | Coloring Page

Coloring Page for Adults
Added this one to the shop on Gumroad.

To see the original design go here.

Just finished the book Making Toast: A Family Story. Grab the kleenex-it will get you.
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Succulent | Coloring Page

coloring page download
I've always loved to color and I still do. To change things up a bit I'm putting together some coloring pages. The size of the images are larger in this design  than the one I posted a couple days ago, so colored pencils or pens would be perfect.

Here's the link: Succulent Coloring Sheet :)  I'm offering these as an instant download over on Gumroad.

For the smaller version see this post.

If you aren't into coloring, that's okay. I will be continuing to post almost every day with a new drawing or design too.


Shared Experiences | 592

Shared Experiences
This is from the book, Why I am an Atheist who believes in God. I like Franks Schaeffer's perspective on a lot of issues. He writes real and raw and honest.

Here's some more of what I've been reading.

Succulent | Art to Color

Succulents are fresh, modern and they don't die on you.

Succulent is a new addition to the Art to Color series. (It's not quite a series yet because this is the first one-but soon it will be.)

Download it , Print it , Color it and Frame it.
You can purchase the download here for $1.

It fits neatly in the $9 Ikea Ribba Frame.
You end up with custom colored artwork for just $10. This one is small, just 4 by 4 inches,  so you may need some fine tip markers :)

I'm giving away five free downloads today only-(gone) go grab one before they disappear. If you like to color, I'll be adding lots of coloring pages to my shop over the next few month too. 

YOU! | 591

jana miller
That's all.
I'm in awe.

flower M | 590

flower illustration
I put together this flower M from some previous drawings. It's simple and I love the colors.

Today I did laundry and it was enjoyable because I had plenty of time.

I recently finished reading The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing.

I've always been an organized person but this gave me a different perspective.

 Now I love my closet so putting things away doesn't seem like such a chore.

What are you up to on this first day of spring?

weeds | 589

Weeds or sparklers?
You choose:)

laugh | 588

surface design
This blog post about making friends inspired this drawing. Diana is one of my favorite bloggers. I hope you like her too. Go make a new friend :)

Working on some coloring pages for adults...interested?

Looking for some fun the next time you visit Orange County, California?

mystery | 587

Maintain your Mystery
Social media-love it or hate it?

I recently deleted my twitter account. I'm kind of over being so open online; spending so much time on social media.

I think it's fun to maintain a little mystery and not put it all out there.

What do you think? 

Something New

Just in time for the second anniversary of this project, I'm offering something new.

I get a lot of emails asking about how I turn artwork into digital files.
 I love to share the process with you and I will continue to do that here on my blog.

But many of you just want something you've drawn, digitalized
you don't have the time to learn the whole dang process.
For that crowd,  I'll be offering editing services.

Would you like your artwork (or a childs) 
transformed into a digital file? 

That's what I love to do!

For a small fee, 


march flowers | 586


of course I'll hurt you | 585

I read this on a blog and it stuck....accepting the risk of winter. I like that.

Real relationships include the good and the bad.

crazy adventure | 584

Have you ever been asked to go on a crazy adventure?

I just read Donald Miller's new book, Scary Close and it's about living a good story.

I'm ready for a new adventure!

green flowers | 583

I'm loving the play between the colors of this design. I think it would be lovely as a print framed up with a white matte in a black frame.

It has a calming effect :)

I'm re-reading one of my favorite books. I never rarely read  books twice but I get something new every time I read this book.

Insider tip: Watch the movie Blue like Jazz and then read this book.

Loving this TED talk.
Grab this design to color and frame.

purple tulip | 582

A beautiful simple design today. In 2014 I bought myself flowers every week at the farmers market.

I loved the effect it had on my home and my heart.

Hoping you will buy yourself flowers too :)

black and white flower print | 581

hand drawn flowers
It's stormy outside today so black and white flowers seemed perfect.

I am thankful today for time spent with friends who inspire me :) Celebrate!

Ira Glass

If you feel like giving up on your creative life or project, watch this. It's short and powerful.
This is a video by Ira glass on the creative process.


places to submit artwork
Two guys from Romania sharing inspiring artwork. Baubauhaus.

Another great place to show your work. Look on their about me page to see how to submit your artwork.

Congratulation | 580

hand lettering from
Here is the finished design from the sketch I shared.
I love Illustrator because I can keep the design rough or smooth lines out.

And I can color it different ways without redrawing the whole design.


I'm Messy

I'm a messy when it comes to sketching.
My papers are smudged, there are mistakes and lots of erase marks.

So don't compare yourself to those that have neat and tidy work. Be yourself and draw because you love to draw.

This is why I love editing in Illustrator-I can clean it all up before I share it with you.

(This is a card I'm working on for a new college graduate :)


love | 579

valentines day hand lettering
Today it's all about love.
Breakfast at the Beach in Laguna.
Macadamia Nut Pancakes
with Mapley Coconut syrup.
Shorts in February.
Music and good friends tonight.

You Can Do It | 578

hand lettering
You can do it!
Don't give up.
Keep moving forward.

Yellow House Art

submit your artwork
Are you familiar with art licensing? It's a cool arrangement where you lend your art to a company, to use on their wares for a specified time period.

You retain the rights to even sell it again! Yellow House art takes online submissions (there's a tab up top on their site). If you've thought about getting paid for what you do, submit some designs.

It may just pay off :)
Let me know how it goes for you.

And check this device that reads any color!

they work | 577

This quote is from Francis Mayes. She is an American who lives in Italy.

I want to be that person that always makes time to visit. And do nice things for other people.

Are you in?

Take a look at this fun pencil case :)
Here's a link to our 3 week itinerary for late fall in Italy.


brown sugar | 576

brown sugar jana miller hand lettereing
Brown sugar is yummy. As a kid I used to sneak it and eat it plain.

As an adult I mix it with melted butter and cinnamon to make a spread for toast :)

Do you love brown sugar too?

Clever Darling Magazine

clever darling magazine
Here's another place to show your work!

Clever Darling Magazine is looking for contributors...artist, writers, photographers.

2 comments Location: California, USA Los Angeles, CA, USA

I only let myself | 575

jana miller art
I only let myself enjoy a little bit of the good, fearing that I don't deserve it and that it will be taken away.

Do you do this?
 I do sometimes :(

SF Moma

sf moma logo
Wanna hear about something fun? You can submit your artwork to San Francisco Museum of Modern Art to be featured on their Tumblr page!

So cool! The Museum is in the midst of a building project that will double their size!

ps-love their Instagram feed too :)
0 comments Location: California, USA Orange County, CA, USA

for each new morning | 574

drawing by jana miller
Winter has been lovely here in Southern California, sunny mornings with pink skies, warm afternoon breezes and crisp evenings.

I'm thankful today for so much. How about you?

I'm not funny | 573

brave quote

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