A blog is an animal | 453

Blogging is evolving and changing. I'm sure you've heard this before.

If you got in early, you are probably ready to move on. I started a personal blog back in 2008. It changed me, was messy, unorganized, ugly at times but fun.

It was the place where I learned that I didn't have to be perfect.

I have since made it private realizing that I no longer want to share all the details of my personal life with the world.

In 2013, I started this online sketchbook. This is where I am having fun now!

It's new and different and challenging. It's a great place to share what I'm thinking about. Share what I'm learning. Mess up. And put my work out there.

If you are feeling like you just can't fill the belly of your beast blog. If you are apologizing  for going on vacation and not writing any posts. Apologizing for spending time with your family.  Maybe it's time for a change. 

Just Pack One || 452

We do this! We pack backpacks with easy to eat food, some toiletries and directions to the food bank. We keep one in the car and then hand it out when we see someone in need.

Just Pack One-helping homeless people with immediate needs (food) and helping them find the social services they need long at a time.

What Do I Care About? || 451

jana miller
It's a good thing to think about sometimes. It can help us find our work that's satisfying, find what makes us happy....find friends or love. 

crochet || 450

jana miller
Crochet is calming. Something about crocheting helps me figure things out.

And I usually end up with something amazing at the end too. My grandma taught me when I was 10.

Do you knit or crochet?

If you want people to care || 449

If you want people to care, you have to share! A quote from Austin Kleon's book.

We were in Portland (for the food -more on that later) this past week.

In Pioneer Square, the Portland Ballet Company was practicing for an upcoming performance. It was so fun to get to watch the training that goes on behind the scenes.

They must have read Austin's newest book. Give some of your work away for free. And then you will get fans. (paraphrased).


other books by eleanor and park author
I just finished this book. I liked most of it. I got lost in the fan fiction sequences. But the storyline was good. I think I liked her first book better.

My Head vs My Heart || 448

jana miller drawing
This one is for a good friend. And actually even in her head, she knows she doesn't need to go to college. But I think she's still undecided as to if she is good enough. It's so easy to doubt ourselves, isn't it.

What do you think? Head or heart? The answer is probably different for every one of us.

 I'm starting a new series called My head vs. My heart. I'm thinking I'll be adding to it periodically.
ps-there's no right answer

3 Days is not Enough || 447

jana miller

time. || 446

jana miller hand lettering
it's about time... period. i love spending time with my man. he gets me. 

Color a Tree || 445

Let's color a tree :) Free high resolution download here.

Artifacts Uprising

Preserve your designs in a little book
I ordered a small book from Artifact Uprising of our wedding photos. It's so stinkin cute!

These books would be perfect for preserving drawings. At just under $25 shipped for the 5" x 5" books, it's a steal. The pages are thick and the color is gorgeous. (40 pages)

This isn't meant to be a sales pitch-no referral links or sponsorship here.

I just wanted to share this fun idea for your designs.

photo via their website

Fall Breeze || 444

jana miller drawing

Fall is on it's way...

Things I MIght Do Today || 443

jana miller art
Another free download design. You can download the high res design here. (8.5x11) Enter "0" and the credit card information will disappear!

Reading and Editing

What are you up to today? Don't you just love this book cover?

A lazy morning, coffee, a Target run, some time at the beach pool and maybe pizza for dinner.

A perfect summer day :)

August || 442

Jana Miller Drawing
August is almost over. The days are getting shorter. I will miss you summer.

Ordering some books today! A girl can use all the help she can get.

Ties to Color || 441

jana miller art
Have you guessed that I love to color! I always have so here's another color sheet. Download it here free. Enter "0" for the price :) and it's yours.

Good Food Menu || 440

jana miller art
Here's another free printable menu :) I like variety so I keep designing new ones. I will have it up on gumroad later today.

daisy || 439

Freelance Illustrator || Jana Miller
This design would be fun for a clothing line. Simple with a 3 colors!

be here (438)

Handlettering Art by Jana Miller
Sometimes that's all it takes. Sometimes I tell myself this. And sometimes that's all I need from a family member or friend. Companionable silence. 
Location: California, USA Anaheim, CA, USA

Quack Quack(437)

Quack Quack | Jana Miller
Here's to the Ducks. Although I'm not a big hockey fan, the men in my life are.

It's always fun when a local team goes to the playoffs! Here's to lots of wins and a strong season :)
Quack, Quack!

Show your work

steal like an artist

Awesome book.
Yellow cover!
I don't think I could live without books. 

Show Your Work! by Austin Kleon (amazon)

summer rain (436)

Hand Lettered Art | Jana Miller
There's something different about summer rain.
Big drops hitting hot pavement.
We were walking after dinner last week.
And a storm followed us.
Opened wide and dropped all over us.
We were soaked
and happy
and a bit unnerved
when we heard the cracking thunder and lightening.
And then a hot shower and dry comfy clothes.
The best!


Hi there!

I'm making some of my favorite designs available for instant download on Gumroad. Gumroad allows you to sell and give away high resolution-digital products. It's super simple for users and artists. So if you ever thought about sharing your art- try it out.

If you need a custom design, I can deliver it through Gumroad so you can now pay by credit card without the hassle of Paypal.  For  free designs, just enter "0" in the payment box and it's yours for free.

Happy Friday,

life is a canvas (435)

jana miller
"Life is a great big canvas. You should throw all the paint you can on it!"

Robin Williams

Nothing to say-just sad to see him go. 

stay put sunshine (434)

jana miller art
Stay put sunshine! This time I used a photograph in combination with a hand lettered design :)

I'm loving the pink!

magical (433)

Take me to the beach (432)

jana miller art
I'm happiest when I'm at the beach. I can't imagine living someplace far away from the sea!

Laguna Beach (431)

jana miller art
Laguna Beach, CA has art festivals all summer and galleries to enjoy year round!

Laguna Beach Lifeguard Tower (430)

jana miller drawing
 Laguna Beach, CA is one of the prettiest places on the planet. The beaches and cliffs remind me of Italy but with white sand instead of rocks.

If you are ever in town, don't miss Crescent Bay, El Morro or the Sawdust Festival! Laguna Beach is known for their art galleries too :)

You will find this iconic lifeguard tower at Main Beach. Purchase digital download here.

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