Hi There,
My name is Jana, rhymes with banana.

I am hand lettering artist. I draw, I sew, I crochet and I'm now I'm designing t-shirts for Amazon.

My newest project is searching out cute and clever tees  on Amazon. Some of them are my own designs and some are from other designers. There are so many great t-shirts on Amazon. How do you find the most popular Amazon T shirts? My blog highlights the best T-Shirt, Cutest Tees, Most Popular Shirts, Trending Tees, and Best Gift Tees! Some are sarcastic, some are funny, and some are just plain cool tees.

Follow along! If you find a cute one send me a link!


333 Cute T-shirt Designs
Popular Hand Lettered Quotes on Pinterest
All Hand Lettered Designs

All designs copyright Jana Miller 2013-2017. 
No content or artwork may be used without written consent. 
Be nice and don't steal. 

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