Q. Where can I see all these cute and clever tees?
Here's a link to all the cute tees featured here.

Q Will you feature my T-shirt Design?
Send me a link and I'll take a look.

Q. What Drawing Supplies Do you Use?

A kneaded eraser Paper I pick up paper everywhere pads of paper from Target and Walmart. Walmart paper  and index cards are my favorite.
My favorite pencils They have darks soft lead and have to be sharpened constantly.
Sharpie fine and medium points. Love, love, love. I buy them by the truckload at Walmart.
Micron Pens for touchups. I don't use these anymore
HP Office Jet 6700 for scanning and printing designs.
Adobe IllustratorA small, 6 " metal ruler
A Pencil/Pen box
A portable pencil sharpener for my favorite pencils.

Q. How Can I learn more about Hand Lettering?
Start with a Graphic Design Class or Typography Class at your local Community College
or check out Skillshare's online classes. I learn the most with trial and error.
Here's a One month free coupon for unlimited classes on Skillshare.That's a cool deal. Thanks Skillshare :) Most classes are around $20.

Q. How do you store your Hand Lettered Illustrations?
I keep all my drawings in a box. My hard drive crashed a couple months ago. I hadn't backed it up it up for awhile. I always put this off. Just recently I started uploading files to my Google drive. Score! Free storage :)

Q. Do you draw everyday?
Yes, I love it. I draw (almost) every day. Sometimes I schedule out posts. But sometimes it's hard to wait to post designs that I'm really happy about. So I sometimes post more than once a day. Usually I design in spurts. Draw a bunch then edit a bunch. 

Q. Where do I go to see all your designs?
Start here!

Q.Why don't you use Watermarks or put your URL on your designs?
I think watermarks make art look ugly. I only upload web resolution files on my blog so the quality is very low and not applicable for print quality.

Q. How do you transfer large files?
I use wetransfer.

Q. How do I hire you for a project?
I'm not taking on any other projects at this time.
If you share my work someplace-please link back. Some posts contain affiliate link. That means, I get a small amount if you purchase something through the link. Thanks for supporting those companies that support this site.

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